15 March 2010

Pinky Cake Barney & Friends for Marsha's Birthday!

Size: 30cm plus 3 pcs Mini Cake and 1 mini cupcake

Pocoyo and Friends for Eldon's 1st Birthday!

Size: 24cm

Blackberry Gemini Pinky Cake

Strawberry, blueberry, blackberry... bet you know the main similarities are sweet, tasty and delicious, especially the last one if it's in the form of birthday cake from Vin's Cakes. Just don't eat up the pin number otherwise you can't send us your cheerful b'day pictures via BBM! Happy BB'Day!!

Size: 18cm & 2 pcs cupcakes

09 March 2010

Star Wars Cake

Bianca's birthday is coming today, she knows that it's the time to decide which side she's turning into, the jedi or vader's side.. May the good force be with you Bianca.

Cake 20cm

08 March 2010

Karaoke Birthday Cake

Either it's a home karaoke or a stage with a thousand audience, you're always be my true idol! Happy birthday!.. A really nice and comfy karaoke theme birthday cake from the dearest girl for her boyfriend..

Cake 20cm square

Royal Flush Birthday Cake

It's Royal Flush! The most anticipated cards combination of the game.. We wish you the best royal luck for whole year long starting from your birthday Dad!

Cake 20cm
Price: Rp 400.000,-

Princess Belle Cake & Cupcake

This year the beauty is celebrating her birthday without the beast, but you can be sure that prince charming and their friends are on their way to Denise's most happiest day! Happy birthday Denise..

3 Tier Cake & Cupcake
Cake 16cm (topper: Princess Belle Toys)
Cupcakes 25pcs (topper princess toys)

07 March 2010

Iphone Cake

It's an apple! what, an apple?? yes, an apple iphone birthday cake to be exactly, an eatable delicious apple iphone gadget for special 24th birthday of a hi-tech husband. Happy browsing, scrolling and chewing the cake's hi-tech flavour! :) Happy birthday!

Cake 20cm