24 August 2013

Now available! Classic Taste... Premium Marble Cake

Size: 24cm
Price: 115.000,-

Shark and Stingray Bday Cake

Couple Anniversary cupcake set of 4

Couple and Minions Anniversary Cake

Minions cupcake set

Opera cake special edition, for one month baby

Size: 18*9cm opera cake
1 topper baby
2 pcs eggs

Price: Rp 185.000,-
Order: 0856 9143 7236

3D Minion cupcake

Pinky Peony Cake

Premium Idul Fitri Hampers

Premium Idul Fitri Hampers

3D Stitch cupcake

3D Stitch Bday Cake

2d Girl's Face and Graduation cupcake set

Idul Fitri Cupcake set

HBD mom Cupcake set of 4

Fresh and Yummy Goodie Bag

Almond puding and Luscious Choco Cupcake

Price: Rp 25.000,-